Interesting facts about Vanadium | Các nguyên tố hóa học

Vanadium is an element known with a confusing history and was discovered twice. Vanadium's name is named after the beauty goddess Scadinavia "Vanadis".


Interesting facts about Vanadium

Vanadium is the 23rd cell element in the transition metal; Most of the vanadium is produced to be used as a steel additive. Vanadium is essential for a number of species, including humans, although the human body requires very little (about 0.01 milligrams per day). Here, let's find out interesting facts about the element Vanadium - the element named after the goddess of beauty!.

Location of Vanadium in the periodic system table

10 Interesting Facts About Vanadium

1. Vanadium was first discovered in 1801 by a Mexican biologist named Andres Manuel De Rio. This is a prefix that was rediscovered in 1830 by Swedish chemist Nils Sefstrom. In 1867, it was analyzed by the British chemist Sir Henry Enfield Roscoe by combining vanadium trichloride with hydrogen gas.

2. The name Vanadium is named after the goddess Scadinavia "Vanadis" represents the beauty, love and fertility of Northern Europe. The reason is that the oxidized state of Vanadium in the compounds is very beautiful. V (+2) is purple, V (+3) is green, V (+4) is blue, and V (+5) is yellow.

The oxidation state of vanadium in the compounds has a very beautiful color

3. High dose vanadium is very toxic to the human body, however, with an amount of about 0.01 milligrams per day it works for normal bone development.

4. Vanadium can be found in trace amounts in a variety of foods, including mushrooms, black pepper, parsley, dill weed, shellfish, beer, alcohol and grains.

5. About 80% of the vanadium produced is used to make shock and corrosion resistant additives.

6. Breathing in large amounts of vanadium can lead to lung problems, such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

7. In 1911, German chemist Martin Henze discovered vanadium in the blood cells of sea level.

Vanadium is found in the blood cells of sea level

8. Vanadium accounts for 150 parts per million (ppm) in the Earth's core and accounts for 0.019 percent of the Earth's crust.

9. The amount of vanadium in the universe is about 0.0001 percent. Vanadium can be detected spectroscopically in the sun's rays and sometimes in the light of other stars.

10. Vanadium can be found in more than 60 types of minerals. You will not often find vanadium as a free element in nature, but this element is already found in vanadinite, magnetite, patronite, carnotite, etc.

Vanadium is added to steel to make it harder and is found in many tools


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Interesting facts about Vanadium | Các nguyên tố hóa học

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